SmartBulb for smart people
The first fully-functional RGBW retro fit E27 & E17 smart light capable of receiving data commands from existing 110Vac & 230Vac wiring.

Fully-functional meaning once our smart light is mounted into an existing light socket string and its controller is plugged into an electrical outlet, commands are sent by a phone app via the controller to the lights. From any location on earth via our web interface. Allowing the user to activate the lights, change their color or effect. This is done through preprogrammed software or in real time with DMX and artnet compatibility.

This new technology will change the use of existing RGB lighting systems in the entertainment, holiday, architectural design & interior design markets
Introducing retrofit smart lights to large light venues, including entertainment lighting. Competitor retrofit smart bulbs embrace ZigBee wireless technology with its severe limitations in data range, speed, bulb population and one-way communication.

New technology allows for compact light design.

Reducing wiring cost by either utilizing existing wiring infra-structures, or minimizing new wire requirement from a 3 or 4-wire line to a 2-wire line. Reusing of existing string wires.

Leveraging more powerful 230Vac & 110Vac electricity and wiring (versus low voltage RGBW wiring systems), extremely extending the size, scope and reliability of light shows without fear of voltage or data drops traditional with low powered DC systems.

Easy to install/operate allows for the integration of smart and traditional lights within the same system.

Increasing maintenance efficiency by allowing the replacement of underperforming lights by simply unscrewing and replacing them.
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